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Introducing the newest way to connect to people. Marzar makes it easy to present yourself exactly how you want people to see you. Whether you're a blogger, a musician, starting a business, or just looking to find people with similar interests, Marzar is the perfect platform to do it.

Be yourself

No one is the same person all the time. Marzar Personas let you be all of your various selves, allowing you to engage using the best persona for your needs, be it family-friendly, business-based or completely anonymous.


Communities connect you to people with similar interests, making networking with similar-minded people easy, and each community is given its own customizable URL.

Make it unique

Marzar makes it easy to create communities with customizable templates so the look and feel of each community reflects the people and topics it represents and meets all your needs.

Everything in one place

The Marzar Dashboard lets you keep track of all your personas and their communities in one place, making being yourself that much easier.

Build your own community

Maybe you can't find the community that's just right for you. Create and Manage communities effortlessly and start connecting with the people you want to easily.

Free to use

Connecting to people with the same interests has never been so easy, and with Marzar, it's free.

What members get


Find and discuss topics with like-minded people.

Community Stores

Create and find shops to buy and sell from.

Media Sharing

Photos, videos and music are easy to find in an abundance of communities.


Follow and engage with communities with your business, fan, social, hobby or incognito persona.


Whether you're looking to connect with new friends or professionals, grow your network easily.

So much more

Discover just how much Marzar has to offer by joining.

What community managers get

Simple Site Builder

Building your community has never been easier with our customizable templates.

Custom URLs

Every community gets its own URL to make it easy for new and existing community members to find.

Community Management

Manage and moderate your community to keep it functional and safe for all members.

Community Insights

Monitor all the activity in your community with our simple insights tool.

Site Modules

Make your community a store, a blog, a discussion board or whatever you like by adding or removing any of our modules.

So much more

Become a community manager to see the abundance of.

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